1: Getting Started With FabCAM

Welcome to the first of what we hope to be many helpful tutorials to get you started in this fun and creative field.

The following tutorial steps you through how to use our FabCAM desktop CNC software application that comes with our USB Solution. You will learn how mill a simple project using a sample GCode file provided with FabCAM. The same principles and steps apply to even the most complex of projects you take on thereafter.

Use the page navigation at the bottom of the lesson pages to follow the tutorial.

Before we get started, you will need the following:

  1. Your MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine connected to its electronics box and power supply, plugged in and ready to turn on
  2. Your USB Solution interface plugged into the Db-25 connector (blue) on the side of the electronics' enclosure
  3. Your PC fired up and ready to go, connected via the USB cable provided to the USB interface
  4. FabCAM downloaded and installed on your computer
  5. The Coaster.GC sample GCode file that comes with FabCAM
  6. A piece of at least 4" [101 mm] by 4" [101 mm] material mounted to your CNC machine table, with another sacrificial material between it and the table (so that when you cut through the material you do not damage your CNC machine table, Foamed PVC board is excellent for this)

    We recommend foamed PVC board or MDF for your first run as these materials are easy to mill and provide a nice clean finish. Foamed PVC board is, however, a cleaner material to clean up. 

  7. Carpet tape to secure your material and sacrificial layer to the table.
  8. A 0.125" [3.175 mm] end mill suitable for the material and project you intend to mill

You are now ready to set up your project.

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