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From a desire in 2010 to automate the process of making gears for wooden clocks, to a successful Kickstarter campaign, through building a company to meet that demand and try to maintain a business in todays economy and market, MyDIYCNC has come a long way in these last few years.

It's been a long journey and along the way we've had our glorious moments, such as our Kickstarter campaign and our booth at Maker Faire, and have been through tremendously tough times, watching our market contract and sales dwindle despite throwing everything we had left into the endeavor. Throughout we've maintained support for our customers and provided them with help and resources to make their projects a success.

For all of our thousands of customers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were why we did this and kept going long past the many points when others would quit. Despite being abandoned and then later painfully sued by a founding partner, we prevailed. In the end there's only so much one can and should endure to give any business it's very best shot and I can say in all honesty we that stuck with it gave MyDIYCNC the best possible shot we could. 

This website remains to provide our eBook and ongoing support for our loyal customers. 




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