What Our Customers Say About Us...

The following are unsolicited direct quotes from our customers....

"Thanks for working on this [project] for me. Your machine is sweet and good support makes it worth recommending"


Paul, Pennsylvania



"I absolutely made the best decision to purchase and future purchases of the small CNC router and related items from MYDIYCNC as the support I've received from you and Julie has been absolutely phenomenal!"


Josshe, Texas


"I was able to put the machine together last weekend when I had a few days off from work. I have to admit, this was the most fun I have had in a long time. I have been conducting some trial and error, mostly error ... I have yet to complete a project, but I'm determined not to give up. Again, thank you for the wonderful time I had putting this kit together. "


Michael, California


"I got my CNC up and running and it works wonderfully. 

Thank you for all your help."


Robert, Texas


"I appreciate your time and your prompt response.  Your instruction ultimately helped me figure out what the culprit was .I am so glad I did not buy a CNC system from one of those oversea companies on Ebay. I was very lucky I found your system (intense Googling) at the last minute."


Sab, New York



"I appreciate the quick response and I am  extremely pleased with the outcome. I have dealt with companies in the past where making a buck is of supreme importance over customer satisfaction and I am sincerely appreciative of you all resolving this matter the way you did.   I have been following the progress of MyDIYCNC back when it was on Kickstarter and it peaked my interest in building my own machine to produce parts for my aerial platforms, hexas and helicopters...if it wasn't for your project on Kickstarter I don't think I would have taken the plunge.  You all have come a long way with the product and have outstanding customer service.  I will certainly recommend your shop to my friends and customers who are interested in learning about CNC and how to build or buy one of their own."



Marc, Nevada


"Thank you so much for understanding....it's always nice to deal with honest people. In regards to your product, I'm not in a CNC business, it's my hobby. I have purchased your little unit and made my own bigger machine with 17" X 21" cutting field using your components. Very happy with the results!

Thank you again...(now, I'm saving some money for your laser cutting head)."


Boris,  Canada


"Thanks for your detailed response.  I really appreciated that you took the time and effort to provide such a meticulous explanation to my question.  And as soon as we “decide” that we’re going to purchase a CNC machine, you can rest assured we will be back to you.  Anyone who takes the time to clarify questions as you did if definitely someone we want to work with."


Bob, California


"I really like your answer.  I am not an engineer, but I work with a bunch and this sounds like engineering.

I love your new laser etching add on.  I do woodworking in my off hours (all 3 a week) however  my daughter is an artist.  We would love to have a MYDIYCNC laser.  The question is when. There are always those who criticize folks working at home, or in a garage, or in a small workshop.  However I contend that much more creativity goes on in small settings as the larger corporate environments."




"Success -Yes I've got it now. Thanks again for all your help. Liking the personal touch with your company  -it pays off and is appreciated."


Clem, United Kingdom


"All is going well with the build, and we are very pleased with the results so far.  Still a steep learning curve but James my Grandson seems to have a much better handle on the software side.  We would like to thank you once again for the kind offer of the DVD and wait in anticipation for it."


Ian, United Kingdom

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